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On this page we have our large round plates. This is a good sample of some of our work. If you see a design on this page and we are out of stock, we will custom make one for you. We do custom designs or can artistically duplicate a picture onto one of our products. Our selection is always changing and growing so we will try to keep the web site up to date. Enjoy our selection.

11 Inch Round Plates

White Tiger Plate
This is a white plate with the tiger stripes in black frit (ground glass). The tiger has dichroic glass eyes that follow you as you pass it. The plate is food safe.
$75. This one is sold


Turtle Plate
This plate has a sea turtle swimming on a transparent aqua blue glass with assorted frit designs.


Poinsettia Plate
This is our bright red poinsettia plate with lampworked stamens and green leaves on a clear background.


Victorian Lady Plate
This is a Victorian Lady on black glass. Hair is frit and the face, flowers and hair ribbons are opal glass. Note, color of face may vary due to glass used.
$80. This one is sold


Windy Lady Plate
This is a windswept Lady on transparent red glass. She wears a dichroic glass mask with green eyeshadow.
$80. This one is sold, but can be custom ordered


Black Tiger Plate
This is another cat plate with dichroic glass eyes that follow you as you pass it. The base is irridized black glass. I used a diamond bit to remove the irridized coating for the tiger's stripes
$80. This one is sold


Kitty Plate
I used a photo of my kitty (Rollo) as a basis for this plate. I will make this plate (or with your cat(s) if you prefer) on order.
Available by custom order


Panda Reflection Plate
This is a plate I designed from a photograph of a panda reflecting on the water. I used frit under a layer of textured, iridescent glass to make the reflection of the panda's face. The panda is white and black glass on a transparent water blue background.


Squiggles Plate
This plate is transparent cobalt glass with irridized clear on top. The 'squiggles' are dichroic glass rods. Availability of this plate dependent on whether or not I can get the dichroic glass rods
Available by custom order


10 Inch Round Plates

Irridized Crane Plate
This is a smaller (10") plate with two irridized Japanese cranes on a red and white swirl background. I use a piece of clear irridized glass and grind away the irridized coating to form the birds. One can see the birds when the plate is held with the light reflecting off the surface of the plate. The camera doesn't pick them up very well.
Available by custom order


Red and Black Melt Plate
This interesting plate was developed by melting various shades of red, clear, purple and black glass through a flower pot, then sagging in a 10" plate mold.


Scalloped Plate
This is a study in black forms with swirls of blues and purples. I sliced up a home made paperweight that was not interesting to fuse a plate that is.


Sunflower Plate
This is a smaller (10") plate with a bright sunflower on a transparent blue background. The center of the flower is crushed opal swirl glass (coarse frit). The camera picked up a lot of sunlight reflecting on the plate, but this view was best to show the transparent blue.

Sunflower Plate

Nautilus Plate
This is a smaller plate with a white/ivory nautilus on a transparent cobalt background. The stripes are frit.
$70 sold


8 Inch Round Plates

Taffy Swirl Plate
Taffy and white swirl glass with dichroic highlights.


Green Offset Striped Plate
The aventurine green, tan and white glass was cut into strips and the strips were offset then fused.


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Please get in touch to find out more, and ask about custom creations!

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