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We've now added fused flat glass artwork to our product lines as I've experimented with new techniques and processes.  Below are some of our pieces.

Nine-Inch Flowerpot Melts
The flower pot melts are aptly named since they are formed by melting glass through an unglazed flowerpot that has three or four additional holes drilled around the edge of the bottom of the pot. The pot is suspended above the coated kiln plate and the glass melts out the holes in all sorts of interesting patterns. So far, I've made these in the predominant colors of green, red, blue, purple, yellow and white (pastel).

These sell out quickly. I regularly make more of them, but even using the same proportions of the colored glass, each is unique, so expect variations.

I've also sagged these into small plates and bowls. As I get more colors, I will add more pictures.

Green Pot Melt

Yellow Pot Melt

Red Pot Melt

Reactive Turquoise Melt

Purple and Green Pot Melt

Purple Melt

Pastel Melt

Multi-Color Melt

Blue Melt

Turquoise and White Pot Melt

Deep Sea Jellyfish Melt
This piece was made by melting white, black, and aventurine blue glass through a flower pot. The result was so dark, I decided to add a deep sea jellyfish. Jellyfish is irridized clear glass with white enamel tentacles and red center. Nine inches.


Giraffe Drip
I was looking to make a giraffe with a drip pattern, so I tried layering different colors of glass. What resulted is a giraffe face partially covered in snow, hence the name. This is a flat piece.

Snow Day on the African Plains

Tactile Art

I purchased some scrap glass from a glass blower and laid it out as a wetland area seen in the Central Valley of California. There are some birds painted and fired on with enamels. This one sold, but I'm in the process of making more of them.

Abstract Wetlands Art Piece


I used some of the scrap from the glass blower to make some birds. Others are on display at the glass blower's shop.  I'll be adding some other birds, fish and turtles to the selection.

These pieces are 5" round and about 4" by 6". They were fire polished at fairly low temperatures (1350 degrees F) so the pieces keep their texture. I donated a 15" round piece like this to KVIE Art Auction for 2012 and will post a picture as soon as I can get it.
$20.00 each

Tactile Art

Tactile Art

Larger Melts

Sun-Moon Drip Art
My glass is fully annealed,so it is pretty tough, but on occasion a piece breaks.  In this case, it was one of my sun and moon large bowls. I'd been meaning to try out a new technique of melting glass through a stainless steel grate, so I reassembled the bowl pieces on top of the grate and turned on the kiln.  If you look closely, you can see the original design. This piece is about 17 inches. 

'Sun-Moon' melt

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