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On this page we have our 12-inch octagon plates. This is a good sample of some of our work. If you see a design on this page and we are out of stock, we will custom make one for you. We do custom designs or can artistically duplicate a picture onto one of our products. Our selection is always changing and growing so we will try to keep the web site up to date. Enjoy our selection.

12 Inch Octagon Plates

Panda Octogon Plate
The octagon is one of my most popular and versatile shapes. This panda is made of black glass on a white background with aventurine green bamboo leaves.


Bubble Octogon Plate
Glass stringers are spaced evenly between two sheets of clear, colorless glass in a checkerboard pattern. When they melt, the capture bubbles of air between the colored lines. This is an interesting pattern that doesn't reduce the strength of the plate.


Flower Octogon
This is a clear, colorless dish with flowers


Frit Frog Plate
When we saw the back cover of a Ranger Rick magazine with a frog photographed through a leaf, we just had to try to put it on a plate. Frog is frit, as are the veins of the leaf, all on transparent green glass.


Confetti Plate
This plate is made from clear glass with frit, opal glass scraps and dichroic glass pieces. If you prefer other colors, just let me know.


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Please get in touch to find out more, and ask about custom creations!

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