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This page displays the smaller bowls I make. All 9" bowls are 3 inches deep and the wavy bowls are about half that. Great for almost any serving possibility. All are food safe. Not for microwave or oven use. Hand wash.

Wavy Bowls 8" Diameter

Wavy Bowl
This is an 8-inch bowl with irridized red glass and a wavy rim SOLD



This is an 8-inch bowl with dark transparent purple glass and an aqua/gold raised design

$45 each or 2/$80


9" Diameter Bowls

Flower Bowl 
This eight inch bowl has transparent and opal glass petals in a flower design. It's nearly 3" deep. SOLD, but can be custom ordered

$45 each or 2/$80


Bubble Bowl 
This 8" bowl has the same bubble pattern as the octagon plate on the plates page. Three inches deep.

$45 each or 2/$80


Pink Swirl Bowl 
This bowl is made of pink and white swirled glass that has been cut and offset through the center. It sagged slightly off center which adds interest. Three inches deep

$45 each or 2/$80


8" Rainbow Bowl 
This 8" bowl has a nice rainbow pattern. Three inches deep

$45 each or 2/$80


Autumn Bowl 
This deep, eight inch bowl is irridized glass with a base color of transparent mauve. The leaves are copper cutouts.

$45 each or 2/$80


Sunflower Bowl 
The base color of this bowl is cobalt blue with white swirls

$45 each or 2/$80
Available by custom order


Rose Bowl 
This rose is white on a transparent dark green background. I also have a red rose on white background or will make a different color combination as requested. All petals are cut out from one piece of glass, then placed so the background shows between petals.

$45.00 or any 2/$80


Red Rose Bowl

9" Diameter Pot Melt Bowls

Yellow/Red Bowl 
This pot melt was a test and turned out quite beautiful.

$50 or any 2/$90


Yellow/blue Bowl 
This pot melt was slumped over a stainless steel bowl so the out side is shinier than the inside

$50.00 or any 2/$90


Iron Cross Bowl 
This was a blue, white and red pot melt that was sagged into a mold

$50.00 or any 2/$90


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