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Here are the platters we have available. Regular platters are about 10" by 15". Large Platter is 13" by 17". All are completely food safe.

10 X 15 Inch Ovals

Pumpkin Platter
his is a fall platter made with orange and green opal glass and green frit in the background on clear.


Night Ocean Platter
Another of my daughter's creations, this is a frothy ocean with a full moon, made from white and cobalt blue frit on black


Water Lily Pond Platter
This design was inspired by a photograph of water lilies on a pond. The lilly pads are irridized glass that reflect light on the surface of the plate on a watery background.
Available by custom order

Water Lily Platter

Plaid Platter
If you like plaid, here's the platter for you. The stripes alternate yellow, red, blue and indigo on a green background.


Sea Nettles Platter
This is one of my favorite designs. The jellyfish are amber layered over irridized clear glass. The bells have dichroic stringers and multicolored, dichroic twisties as tentacles. Will be making another soon, or can be made to order.
Available by custom order


Autumn Leaves Platter
The background is irridized black glass that's been cut in strips and alternated. Leaves are marigold opal glass with frit design. By special order.
Available by custom order


13 X 17 Inch Ovals

Large Wood Duck Platter
The ducks on this platter are various colors of opal glass. Head of drake is aventurine glass. Shadow is thin copper sheet sandwiched between the grey swirl opal base color and the clear top glass.
Available by custom order


5 X 16 Inch Tray

Drip Serving Tray
Transparent glass with 'drip' design. About 5" by 16" with a gentle curve.


'River of Squares' Tray
Translucent swirled purple and white glass with a "squares" design. About 5" by 16" with a gentle curve.


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Please get in touch to find out more, and ask about custom creations!

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