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On this page we have our large square plates. This is a good sample of some of our work. If you see a design on this page and we are out of stock, we will custom make one for you. We do custom designs or can artistically duplicate a picture onto one of our products. Our selection is always changing and growing so we will try to keep the web site up to date. Enjoy our selection.

12 Inch Square Plates

Iris Plate
These iris plates show you the different patterns I have for those of you who love irises. The one in stock is the single iris made of pink and purple glass on white. The leaves are green aventurine opal (opaque) glass. I can make whatever colors you like. Just let me know.
$90 available by special order



Large Stripes Plate
The 12-inch 'stripes' plate consists of over 90 12-inch by 3/8-inch by 1/8-inch strips of glass laid on edge and fired. Beautiful on a counter or against a sunny window. Each one is unique, depending on the color strips used. Contact us if you'd like one custom made to your order.
Available by custom order


Frit Butterfly Plate
This is a clear irridized plate with a butterfly made of frit and small pieces of dichroic glass. One of my daughter's creations.


Koi Plate
This plate was fired four times to add varying depths. Available by special order only.
Special Order Only


Golden Python Plate
This is a black irridized plate with a snake made of opal glass and frit. I modeled this from my daughter's gentle Burmese python, Ambrosia, who is now taken to schools to educate children on snakes.


Chris Craft Plate
This is a Chris Craft wooden boat. The pattern consists of opal and transparent glass with stringers for lines. There is blue frit for water on irridized, textured clear glass. Send a picture and we'll put your boat on a plate.
Available by custom order


'Squares' Plate
This is an 11" black plate with assorted stacked squares of opal glass, dichroic glass and frit. It was sagged into a square plate mold.


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Please get in touch to find out more, and ask about custom creations!

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