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I added a page to show some of the other items I make.
* The business card holders can be made special order depending on your interests.
* We fuse dichroic glass pendants and make lampworked beads.

Box Type Business Card Holders
The kitty is one of my favorites.  The picture doesn't show it too well since it's black on black, but the kitty has gold, dichroic glass eyes and is decorated with pieces of colored and dichroic glass.  The whiskers are NiChrome wire as are the wires attaching the pieces of glass together in the box shape.  This holds up to the ~1500 degree firing temperature of the kiln.

kitty business card holder

This picture more clearly shows the box shape of the card holder.  The dolphin is suspended over the business cards by a pirce of twisted NiChrome wire. Other shapes available by custom order are killer whales and butterflies.

Dolphin business card holder

Tray Type Business Card Holders
I bought some slumping molds for business card holders. Below is a selection of what I have available.

Aventurine Blue with paw prints

Clear with colored 'whirlwinds'

Bold Stripes

Offset colored swirls

dichroic glass (add $8.00)

Blue Swirl Glass

Aqua glass with spots and a copper eye

Angelfish on a swirled blue background

Special Order of Beads and some dichroic glass pendants
I just completed a special order of lampworked beads for a craftwoman who makes bracelets. Also shown are some pendants I fused at the same time along with the glass "buttons" (stuck on the green papers) used to make earrings.
Priced per bead/pendant


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